Looking through a lens for passion

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
— Pablo Picasso

Finding Nani Lee

When I was 10 years old I decided I wanted to make videos, I loved art of all forms but I wanted a camera to show my view of the world. I begged every year for a camera for Christmas, but my mom was never able to afford one. Then when I was 18 I worked an entire summer at Dunkin Donuts just to save for the camera. Before that I utilized after school programs, borrowed friends cameras and even used my phone. I knew what I wanted and It took tons of patience and many coffee burns but I got it. When you work really hard for something you want you expect for everything to be great once you get it. But in reality that’s not always the outcome. I realized I was lost. I used my camera but I couldn’t find the inspiration I needed to make videos, or the drive. I realized I needed to do some soul searching and really figure out who I am and what I wanted. I am still figuring it out as I write this because we as humans are constantly changing. But the one thing I realized is that I couldn’t just wait around for inspiration. I had to do what I love no matter the mistakes or the outcome and eventually things would come together. Just as long as I worked on a creative outlet, no matter what it was. So that’s what I did and this site is the outcome of trying out new materials and pushing my presence into the world. My film “Art Still Lives” has recently been exhibited at Charlottes local BOOM fest.